Party or Die

I was there when the RPG movement shifted from the board to game consoles. Back then, the game only had one hero: you--everybody else was just a support. It was easier to know who had to do all the work as well. LOL.

RPG Console mindsets have to go

With the rise of MMORPGs players were introduced to parties. That meant sometimes taking a backseat or supportive role to those in the frontline. That didn't sit well with me during the early years, therefore I didn't join the bandwagon then.

Eventually, the games got to me, and decided to be a damage dealer (DD). Unfortunately that meant lots of grinding and time was not on my side then (I was in College). In short, I was a new fish in a tank full of veteran whales. Learning the ropes as soon as possible would save you from a lot of scamming and grinding.

With Perfect World, I can safely say that I've learned enough to leave the mindset of being an RPG console player to an MMORPG one. Although I now play a DD, that hasn't stopped me from getting into party with other players, whether they be clanmates or not.

Have party, will quest

There a lot of quests that require you to go to locations where aggressive (aggro) monsters are. In this case, I would check if my clanmates (clannies) were online and request them for help. In the same sense that any of them require help from their quest, I'd go there too. It's a mutual relationship if you go into a clan.

However, turning down some party requests is an option. Cases like this is a very good point.

Partying with other players is a way to make your MMORPG experience grander. See you in Pangu!

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New Perfect World Philippines site launched!

This morning, Level Up! Philippines unveiled it's new Perfect World website.

More than an eye-candy update

A few months ago, when Firefox was updated to version 3, Perfect World's site went bonkers. All FF3 users were unable to click on any labels on the site. They resorted to use Internet Explorer as a browser to view the site. The webmaster seems to have found a way to make some of the links work but you had to resort to click on the links at the top of the page.

With the new site, everything seems to have been resolved regarding the FF mess. Regarding IE, it seems to work flawlessly, albeit a bit slower for the page to finish.

It has potential

The site uses Adobe Flash Player and it may prove that it's both a strength and weakness at the same time. Because of the software, there is more eye-candy to look at. I especially liked the spinning disco ball effect on the header.

However, it may cause some problems. For instance, as I've mentioned above, it takes time for the page to load properly. If you have a slow connection it may take you a minute or so to fully appreciate the site. I also suggest to ensure that the viewer's Adobe Flash Player be updated to ensure consistency.

Design is queen

The dark theme really makes it more readable and I totally applaud them for that compared to the old Ragnarok site, where it was mostly bright white.

Most of the pictures were taken from the old site and there really isn't anything new to look at. It would be nice to see some new scans in this department as we have been looking at the same ones since the old site.

Content is king

What's a site, if it doesn't provide you any information to read? A photoblog. Fortunately, this ain't one and it proves that it is always updated.

In the end...

...all that matters is that it's updated and chock-full of information to a Perfect World player, and in this case with the contribution of various longtime Perfect World meisters, it just makes the site even more special.

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Returning to Pangu

Going Back

It's been a long time since I posted here, because I was very much involved in my past MMORPG, but had some technical problems with it.

In the meantime, I have to confess that I have been falling in-love with another one: Perfect World. I didn't have such a great time the last time due to some fashion problems, but now I seem to be doing better at this game.

Clans, Crafted Items, and Ingot Trading

Nevertheless, my character has now joined a clan, leveled to 23, and has some wicked crafted items. One of the coolest things I've discovered in this game is the Gold Ingot trading. Unlike other games where you're required to earn money in-game and use another currency to buy items from the Item Mall, this game ensures that you'll always have enough money to buy items from the NPCs and from the Item Mall.

It's a bit complicated if you're a newbie like me. So I'll direct you to the site who taught me how to be rich in-game.

Now I'm 900k Yuen richer, yahoo!

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I'm currently pissed off at Level Up! Philippines for not completing the info in the Item Malls. I just wasted 900 Gold on something I cannot use.

First off, I am a newbie to Perfect World and I don't know everything (and I highly doubt anyone knows everything about it as well). Second, I'm depending on the info in the Item Mall; I know that the Frost Patch was just recently added and not all's done yet, but they need to update this fast or people like me will be pissed as hell.

Okay, so what's got me pissed off? My new Devil Baron Coat. Why am I pissed off? It's colored Red and it has a level requirement of 30. Therefore I cannot wear it and I need 18 dyes just to turn it black.

Tough luck others might say, but 900 Gold is still 900 Gold. If I knew that there'll be level restrictions on this one, then I wouldn't have bought it!

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I've been out and about in Perfect World and it's almost what I thought it was: Perfect. There's been some snags like lags in towns(that's expected), and some places where my character gets stuck (this one wasn't). This happened when I tried the Leap Quest and fell in a small opening between the houses and the hills. I used the teleport to the nearest town skill just to get out of there.

As mentioned in the title, there's this vid that made me a believer.

Perfect World In Game Movie

To all those in Perfect World Philippines, you may have noticed that this one was from the Malaysian servers and that there were two mounts seen not yet included in the current patch: Frost City.

The Reindeer

The Lion King (Requirement: Lvl 60, Speed:9 to 10)

The info came from the Perfect World Malaysia Forums. If you look there as well, you'll see more upcoming mounts like the Fenrir, Thunder Leopard, Blue Dragon, Golden Pig, Green Dragon, and Chimera. These all require at least Level 60 to ride on.

Hopefully Level Up! can implement the patches as soon as they get them from Beijing Perfect World.

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This is where it starts

Welcome to my Perfect World Philippines fansite.

I chose to play this game over the others because of the following reasons:
  • It's got a very detailed (some may call anal) character customization. Imagine putting your face and body in the game. Prepare to customize for hours.
  • It's full of quests! Instead of the daily grind, you get to pick and choose quests that'll help you level up.
  • The crafting system is so easy, even a newbie like me can do it. I crafted my first set of armor and weapons between level 10 and 12. Although it would be more helpful if you bought Level Up Top Cards like I did to facilitate your crafting addiction.
  • It can run on a low-mid spec PC like mine. My previous fave game had a lot of crit issues due to hardware unable to handle the graphics. With Perfect World, I have yet to encounter critical errors.
My character's in the Tiger Server, and his name is Calime. It's supposed to be Alcarcalimo, a reincarnation from my previous fave game: Lineage 2 SEA (which I also created a fansite for as well), but Perfect World won't allow names with more than ten letters. So therefore, I just chose Calime.

I chose the Human Class for this one reason: the Human Wuxia Class can use double blades and bows. I also changed his colors to purple and his ears are pointed to resemble a Dark Elf. This is the nearest I can remake my old character in the new game.

So far, I have played the game for two weeks or so and have thougroughlu enjoyed it. It does have its positives and negatives like all games, but it's gotten my attention so far.

Here's my character on Level 10+:

From Calime's Perfect World

See you guys around!

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